How to to make Vim to look like Atom

Why, and who is this for? I love Atom. Really. Nonetheless, it has the bad habit to turn my 8G RAM MacBook into a big lazy slug. Moving back to Sublime text is not really a good idea, since I’m a bit afraid of its future, at least for the V2 licence »

Good bye freelancing

It’s been now 3 months since I have been officialy hired, 3 months that I’m no longer a freelancer. In a way, it’s kinda funny that the exact same things that really thrilled me, are also those that just bored me, at the same time. First of all was project »

Ma life (de développeur Freelance)

Ca fait un bout de temps que je voulais écrire ce post, et un Mail d’un lecteur me posant quelques questions m’a récemment donné l’impulsion de l’écrire. Je copie/colle donc ce Mail (à peu de choses près) ainsi que ses questions, des fois que ça puisse »